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Buried in the Desert (Comedic thriller)
Based on the true story of a telemarketing sales manager who gets mixed up with a criminal organization in the unsuspecting desert town of Palms Springs, Angelo Difalco has a business arrangement with the town’s mob boss and then must find away to escape with his life when the deal falls through. This script was adapted by in8 Entertainment principal Marc Fusco.

Sense (Supernatural thriller)
After inheriting a majority stake in a corrupt corporation, a young blind man is targeted by the board of directors and then hunted down. Aided by a beautiful psychiatrist and the demented spirit of his brother, he must go on offense against his pursuers and outwit them to survive. A fun character-driven thriller with twists, turns and a surprise ending that will put a smile on your face.

ELBIB (Suspense/Horror)
A mysterious boy with special talents helps a young librarian solve a murder mystery and reconnect to her mystical heritage. A scary, Alfred Hitchcock style thriller for today’s audience…with a twist.

One Night In Boston (Thriller)
Inspired by the largest art heist in history, this is a gritty suspense/thriller about “what could have happened” that fateful night in Boston, in 1990, when the Gardner Museum was robbed of eleven paintings worth over $300 million. To this day the paintings have never been recovered and no one knows a thing. The FBI is currently offering a $5 million reward for any information leading to the return of the paintings.

Finding Hope (Thriller)
Harris, a neuro-scientist, finds that a strong painkiller used by the army in WWII makes  severely injured patients hallucinate, while actually allowing them to exist in that plane between life and death. When the love of his life, Hope, goes into a coma after a near fatal car accident, Harris decides to use the drug to find her spirit and bring her back to the living world. Inspired by the true findings of an actual narcotic used in WWII. Jacobs Ladder meets Ghost.