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No Air Guitar Allowed (Comedy)
A frustrated deejay and his two buddies take a trip their best friend planned before he died and discover the person they never knew and the lives he touched. *Set to be a Chinese co-production.

The Reel Killers (Black comedy)
Based on a true story, the tale of two filmmakers who were sucked into a seedy Hollywood underground after getting entangled in the murder of theater owner Lawrence Austin while making a documentary on the last silent movie theater in the world. Originally sold as a pitch to DreamWorks, the script was co-written by Lore d’Morrow principal Marc Fusco, who was one of the filmmakers in the story.

The Da Vinci Affair (Comedy)
A comedy about four elderly Italian paisanos who find their way to America to chase down Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous scientific manuscript since the ring leader, Antonio Da Vinci, claims he’s the cousin to Leonardo and the manuscript rightfully belongs to him. Their plan is to break into the mansion of the richest man in the world who recently acquired the property at auction. Best described as Grumpy Old Men meets The Full Monty, this film will appeal to a large audience.