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Just A Gig (Suspense drama)
When Edward, a struggling musician, takes a gig in China, he follows a trail of breadcrumbs left by his estranged father and uncovers a secret about his family that makes him a target by the CIA and a dangerous mob boss. With the help of his father’s old friend, Edward goes on a journey of self-discovery and must stay alive by preventing his father’s secret from falling into the wrong hands. A character-driven suspense drama with great music and light-hearted tone, Just A Gig is like Slumdog Millionaire meets North By Northwest with moments that will put a smile on your face. *Just A Gig will be a Chinese co-production.

No Air Guitar Allowed (Comedy)
A frustrated deejay and his two buddies take a trip their best friend planned before he died and discover the person they never knew and the lives he touched. *Set to be a Chinese co-production.